CosmosID-HUB Video Walkthroughs/Tutorials

Bioinformatics Services Project Delivery Walkthrough

This video gives a detailed overview of how metagenomics projects are delivered to clients through CosmosID-HUB and how they can use CosmosID-HUB to gain actionable insights from their microbiome data generated from CosmosID Inc.

Quick overview of the platform

This video highlights the major features and functionalities of the platform and how you can leverage CosmosID-HUB for your microbiome analysis needs

Metadata Upload and Comparative creation

This video provides a comprehensive overview on how to navigate the cohorts & metadata menu for editing/uploading metadata as well as creating comparatives based on uploaded metadata

Raw sequencing data/fastq download

This video gives an overview on how to download raw fastqs for your sequencing projects from CosmosID-HUB.