Organize Your Data

View, rename, create folders and move your samples using the sample dashboard

To view all of your samples, click on the Datasets dashboard alt text. From here, you can manage and organize your samples in CosmosID.

Creating Folders

To add a new folder, click the 3 small dots in the upper right corner alt text and click "Add Folder".

Name your folder and then click "create".

Moving Samples to Folders

To move samples into the folder, click on the samples to select them. Hold down the Command key (Mac) or Control key (PC) to select multiple samples, or hold down Shift to select multiple samples in a row. Once the samples are highlighted, click on the 3 dots alt text in the top right again. Click "Move To" and select the folder you wish to move your samples into by highlighting it from the drop down menu.

Renaming Samples or Folders

To rename a folder or sample, click on the sample or folder to highlight it and then click on the pencil tool alt text found in the upper right corner. Change the name as needed and click "rename".

Deleting Folders

You can delete folders by first moving all of the samples out of the folder. After this you will be able to delete the folder. From the dashboard, click beside the folder name and on the top right, click the trash bin icon.

Deleting Samples

If you need samples in your account removed, please do the following:

  1. Create a folder called "Trash" (or a similar name)
  2. Move your samples to the "Trash" folder
  3. Contact us at support@cosmosid with the email of your account and the folder name ("Trash") that contains the samples you would like removed from your account.

Sample Organization Video

This video takes you through the process of creating a new folder, moving samples to the folder, and renaming the folder.

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